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Cover Reveal: Rock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin

Rock F*ck Club
by Michelle Mankin
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 24th, 2017
Cover Design: Michelle Preast; Model: Zack Salaun; Photographer: Wander Aguiar 


10 cities in two weeks. 10 famous rock stars. On my knees. Against the wall. On my tits. I don't care. As long as I get the evidence to prove it. Why? Because I caught my former prick of a boyfriend from Heavy Metal Enthusiasts doing a groupie doggie style backstage on the night we were supposed to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

He told me I was too uptight. Too vanilla. Too boring. So I got drunk with my bestie, Marsha West, the aspiring videographer. I ranted. I raved. I came up with a crazy idea. What I didn't know was that my best friend recorded me. Marsha put the video up on YouTube. It went viral with 10 million hits. Now I've got fans and sponsors offering me big bucks.

Rock stars are volunteering to be my f*ck buddy.
Hollywood is calling.
I get to choose which rock stars I want.
The stakes are high.
This sh*t just got real.
What could go wrong?

Read the first two chapters on Goodreads and add to your TBR.

About the author:

Michelle Mankin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Records series of novels.

Rock Stars. Romance. Redemption.

Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a BRUTAL STRENGTH centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock 'n roll industry.

Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the TEMPEST series. These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there.

Rock stars, myths, and legends collide with paranormal romance in a totally mesmerizing way in the MAGIC series.

Catch the perfect wave with irresistible surfers in the ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series.

Romance and self-discovery, the FINDING ME series is a Tempest spin off with a more experienced but familiar cast of characters.

When Michelle is not prowling the streets of her Texas town listening to her rock or NOLA funk music much too loud, she is putting her daydreams down on paper or traveling the world with her family and friends, sometimes for real, and sometimes just for pretend.

Love Evolution
Love Revolution
Love Resolution
Love Rock’ollection: The Brutal Strength Rock Star Trilogy, books 1-3

TEMPEST series (also available in audio):
Irresistible Refrain
Enticing Interlude
Captivating Bridge
Relentless Rhythm
Tempest Raging: The Tempest Rock Star series, books 1-4
Tempting Tempo
Scandalous Beat

The MAGIC series (also available in audio):
Strange Magic
Dream Magic
Twisted Magic

ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series (also available in audio):

FINDING ME series (also available in audio):
Find Me
Remember Me
Keep Me
Faith and Freedom


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Release Blitz & Book Review: Wanted by Dee Palmer

by Dee Palmer
Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 30th, 2017


I waited ten years for the right guy, then four come along at once.

I wasn’t even looking for my Mr Right. I thought I’d found him and he was just waiting for that perfect moment to pop the question. When the time came it was far from perfect the event left me a humiliated, broken-hearted mess.

Still, a person would have to be batshit crazy to do what I’ve done, or I’m about to do.

I’m Orange County bound with all my worldly possessions crammed into five suitcases and an agreement to marry one of four complete strangers.

I just don’t know which one of the four men it’s going to be.

No need to panic.

I have a whole month to make my decision. Who would do such a thing? No sane woman that’s for sure, but then with a name like Seraphim, I was never going to normal.

Hi, you can call me Finn.

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“Stay, Finn…please,” she mutters, her fat lip wobbling. She’s killing me.
“I can’t, Hope” I shake my head and the heaviness in my heart, the sadness I feel is a fraction of the sorrow I have endured and she knows this. “I wasted ten years of my life with a man who had no intention of marrying me H, and he even took delight in humiliating me about that fact in front of all my friends. He made me feel utterly worthless and now...” I stutter and draw in a fortifying breath, “I have these men and one of them promised to marry me. I get to choose…me, I—” I clamp my mouth shut at my apocalyptic fuck-up.
“Men?” she snaps.
“Man, I meant man.” I wave my hand to dismiss my seemingly silly mistake,
“You said men,” Hope corrects and then gasps. “Finn you didn’t answer that advert?” Her hands fly to her mouth, eyes like saucers and we both suck in a shocked breath.
“I…I…—” I can’t construct a sentence. She steps up to me and interrupts so I don’t have to. I wish she didn’t.
“That’s who you’ve been talking to so secretively these last three months every spare minute. That’s what all this gym shit you’ve been dragging me to morning, noon, and night for the last three months has been all about. It’s because you need to be fit enough to take on four guys?” She stares at me and her mouth is open so wide it’s comical, but I’m not laughing. I’m waiting for the scream, the howl of judgement to rain down on my slutty arse. I draw in a breath and brace.
“Yes.” I tip my chin and time comes to a halt…and continues to halt I frown at my friend, the statue. Her wide emerald eyes are fixed and focused, though I’m not sure on what. I wave my hand in from of her face but she doesn’t flinch. Is it possible to be catatonic standing up?“Hope? Are you okay? You’re kind of freaking me out.” I look around to see if anyone else is observing my friend’s weird behaviour, but no one is paying us any attention. Well, other than the parking officer who is scowling between Dolly and the No Waiting sign. “Hope!” I hiss a little loud, and she blinks and gives a full body shudder, regaining her senses.
“Four guys?” she asks with a degree of aw in her tone.
I hesitate but answer.
“At one time?” She arches a brow and her lips begin to curl into a wicked smirk.
“Not necessarily. We haven’t actually gone over the logistics,” I reply, a little straight-laced given the topic, but we’re hardly in a secret-sharing environment.
“But they wanted a twenty year old?”
Her incredulous face pisses me off and I place my hands on my hips and tip my chin, my tone is a little on the defensive side.
“Well, they got a mid-to-late twenty-year-old, that has worked her arse to knock the last several years off her clock…literally.” I straighten my back and subtly tighten my tummy in lieu of drawing in an obvious slimming breath.
“Oh babe, you do. You look smoking hot don’t worry about that.” She pats my arms and flashes her best friend reassuring smile. “No. You need to worry more about the fact that you don’t have enough holes, because babe, that’s something you can’t fix at the gym.” She bites her lip to hold in her trademark filthy laugh, but I crack first and she’s quick to follow. She throws back her head, full on belly aching, dirty laughter falling from her lips, eyes streaming, shaking her head. “Oh my God, you’re going to be kept busy around the cock.” She doubles over at her own joke and waves me down because I think she has another. “They’re in the Forces right? They’re going to want everything to run like cockwork.”
“Okaaaay then, are we finished?” I pat her back as she attempts to regain her composure.
“Sorry. So sorry…too tempting, but you’re right, you have a flight to catch…the cock is ticking. No time to be dicking around now.” She snorts out another laugh.
“Hope.” I sigh.
“Look, Finn. I still think you’re batshit insane, but if you have to go crazy at least you’ll have lots of nuts to keep you company.” She pulls me in for a final hug, but I can see she’s genuinely smiling, and her face is a little wet from her tears, but her expression doesn’t hold any anxiousness or tension. There’s a little worry, but that’s understandable. Maybe I should’ve told her sooner. “I just want you to promise to do one thing for me.” She clears her throat and her tone is soft but serious.
“What’s that?” I ask and wait with bated breath for her to tell me what she’ll need from me to ease her mind, and if it’s anything within my power. She hesitates a moment before her shoulders start to shake.
“Pictures…I want lots of pictures.” She snickers some more.
“I’m gone. I’ll call you when I land.” I turn on my heel and start to push the half-tonne trolley away from my best, but annoying friend.
“With pictures!” she calls after me.
“Sure, with pictures.” I turn my back to the trolley, so I’m facing her but pushing the beast up the ramp, away from the cars.
“You go, girl. Take one for the team! Oh wait, no. Take four with the team!” she shouts over the entire departures drop-off area, with the volume of a crowd control foghorn.

About the author:

Dee Palmer hates talking about herself in the third person so I won't. My husband had my iPod engraved one Christmas with 'sing like no-one's listening' and I know my family actually wish they weren't listening because I am, in fact, tone deaf but it doesn't stop me and this gentle support has enabled me to fulfill a dream. This has been a truly brilliant experience. Amazon Best seller in Erotic Romance category and short listed for Erotic Author Guild Best Breakthrough Author and Best Series for The Choices Trilogy in's been a pretty fantastic first year!

Website / Facebook / Facebook Group / Twitter / Goodreads / Instagram

My Review:

What did you say? 4 Navy Seals looking for one wife? You've got my full attention!

It's always risky to read a book by an author you don't know but the few words of „4 Navy Seals seeking A Wife“ got me hooked. What am I saying, „4 Navy Seals” was all it took! I didn't care for the woman. Haha! Just kidding ;) But seriously, the storyline with four off-the-charts hot Navy Seal Alphas looking for one woman for all of them together is toe-curling sexy. *fanning myself*

I was thrilled when the book turned out to be perfect!!!

I usually don't like multiple POV's, at least not more than two, but I absolutely loved to get more insight on the men with all their POVs and I'd say the book was much more interesting that way. I don't think I would have liked it as much would it have been just from Finn's perspective especially because of her lack of self-esteem.
Before you say „Oh you love it just for the sex and rant about how much you love it“, let me tell you that in the beginning of the book, I thought that I would have liked to know a bit more about their calls and messages over the months before she flew to the men because maybe I wouldn't have been so surprised and a little shocked at how quickly they hit it off. I mean, they were strangers after all. But I got over my troubled thoughts pretty fast when the temperature skyrocketed.

I believe that bloggers tend to be a bit more criticizing than an average reader so I didn't want the above mentioned tiny details to lessen my love or lower my rating on this book which I actually wanted to re-read instantly after I've just finished it. And honestly, there is no book where you won't have at least one tiny thing that you'd like to change. Nothing's perfect just like in real life because people have different tastes and not everyone likes the same stuff, luckily.

Even though I still don't know much about the guys since it's mostly just easy banter between the characters than get-to-know-one-another-on-another-level-than-physically, I loved all of them equally. Although one of them gave a little more insight on his past. *wink*

The Story:
Finn cannot believe how that one day - the day she had hoped to be one of the best and happiest days - turned out to be the most humiliating and worst of her life.

Now, though, she's about to board a plane to spend the next month with four men; strangers of which she agreed to choose one to marry.

Which one of those four Navy Seals will it be? Can one even decide?

Oh my! I knew I would like this but I didn't know I would love it so much! I was worried at first that the men would start to outplay one another or that the story would drift off to just bad gang-banging and feared repetitive scenes. But I didn't have to fear any of that because OMG this was off the charts amazing! There were so many scorching hot scenes and some toe-curling gang-banging but also lots of laughing-out-loud moments and deeply emotional events. I was gripped by this intense book and its intriguing characters!

This story - besides the arsehole ex-boyfriend - is like a woman's wet dream coming true although I'm nothing like Finn's character because I couldn't be so open to strangers but I really loved the whole storyline! It was never in any way less than freaking amazing, scorching hot and unputdownable.

And what's better than porn? Exactly, this book! It's scorching hot! Even a kiss will get you wanting more!!
I was wiggling in the seat on the bus on my way home from work while reading this book. It made me laugh and so fucking turned on. People were looking at me strange. HaHa!!
I'm not kidding when I say this book will have you dripping! It's one of the hottest books I've read! Because what's better than four hot navy seals taking turns with their woman? Let me tell you, this book ruined me for all the monogamous men and romance books out there. I just need more than one alpha! =P

Anyway don't worry when you aren't into porn, I mean I more than enjoyed reading it but there is lots more happening to quench your desire about almost anything. This story made me laugh out loud a few times and I rarely laugh with book, it brought me to tears, made my heart ache and most of all, made my pants wet! Haha!!

I was a little worried at one point where the author could have ruined this book for me but luckily, she made me love it even more!!! I just have no more words for how much I LOVED this book!!!

People! Even if this is a new author to you, as long as you are up for four hot alphas and love a good erotic romance than you have to check out this book!! I'm sure it won't disappoint you. And if this author isn't new to you, well then, why haven't you read this book yet?

I would totally jump on any next book with these characters. I loved them so much. Until then, I'm off to re-reading this beauty! =)

Hot, Hotter, Wanted!!

-- I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
View review on goodreads

Release Blitz: Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys

Sweet Spot
by Stella Rhys
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 30th, 2017


Our first meeting as neighbors was screwed from the start.
He was hot. I was naked. And we had no chance in hell at ever being platonic.

I’ll be the first to admit that I live at extremes. After going ten years locked in what felt like a dysfunctional marriage, I’m now decidedly boy-free. In nearly three years I’ve had no boyfriends, no flings, no dates and no sex. For the sake of my dream career, the sacrifice has been easy.

At least it was.

Until Lukas came along.

He’s rude, gorgeous, arrogant – a stone-carved wall of muscle and distraction. He’s everything I know to avoid but there’s no avoiding your next-door neighbor. Oh yeah. The man now lives three steps from me and to make matters worse, he crashed into my life while I was soaked in the tub. Mortifying to say the least and it went something like this: I ran out exposed. He looked. He laughed.

And then I locked myself out.

In short, Lukas Hendricks was smirking, swaggering trouble from the start. And me?

I was – for the first time in years – about to be screwed.

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#Free in Kindle Unlimited

About the author:

Stella Rhys is an author of contemporary romance and can't help but write it hot, steamy and borderline filthy (just kidding, it's flat-out filthy). Writing aside, she lives for coffee, the Yankees and cooking recipes way out of her league. She was born and raised in New York and now lives there with her husband and charmingly entitled fur baby.


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Blog Tour: Bound by Family by Ryan Michele

Bound by Family
by Ryan Michele
Series: Ravage MC Bound Series #1 (Standalone)
Release Date: March 28th, 2017


Cooper Cruz knows what it means to be surrounded and bound by family. Loyalty, brotherhood, and protection are all learned, earned, and respected by him and the Ravage Motorcycle Club family he grew up in. At the same, he’s a man, having fun and living the life he has always envisioned, until a trip to Florida changes everything.

Bristyl Daniels knows what it means to be smothered and bound by family. Bonds run deep with her father and all the members of the Sinister Sons Motorcycle Club she has grown up in. But now she’s all woman and wishes they would see she isn’t a little girl anymore. Then one phone call gives her a chance meeting with a hunk of a man she can’t get off her mind.

When her favorite band comes to play at a motorcycle rally in her hometown, Bristyl decides it’s worth the risk to sneak off for a little fun. When a situation gets heated, though, Cooper and the Ravage MC step in, setting off a chain of events, both good and bad in both their lives.

As the dust settles, Bristyl will have to come to some very hard decisions. Meanwhile, Cooper knows exactly what he wants. To hell with the consequences.

Buy now:
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Holy hells bells.
I’m not sure if I should be pissed that my brothers and father left me to deal with this mess or thank them for the gorgeous eye candy. Not that I would, because they’d have a fit either way, but damn. Maybe it’s my mom smiling down on me, giving me a ray of sunshine through this mess.
All three of the guys are hot in their own way. By the cuts on their backs, they belong to the Ravage Motorcycle Club. Here for the rally, of course, and will be gone in a flash. That’s how it is. What the hell, I’ll enjoy the view while I can.
I sop up the water and wring out the mop head, then repeat … again and again.
Ryker, who boldly introduced himself, is a player. Yep, seen hundreds of them in my day growing up in the club. Tattoos, sexy vibe … I bet he doesn’t even have to ask women, just crooks his finger.
The other man, who I’m not sure his name, looks a little lighter in a way, but I’m not sure how to describe it.
Cooper, though. My heavens. Talk about charismatic, and I got that just from the few words he spoke to me. Hell, I get it just from being in the same room with him. It’s like he oozes it out of his pores, releasing it out in the world for women to fall at his feet and beg. Then there’s the hair. I can’t call it light, and it’s definitely not dark. It’s a unique combination of the two; light browns intertwined with a few darker browns, giving his hair a shade I haven’t seen before. Like a caramel color with an edge, and long. So much so that he has a hair tie wrapped around his wrist. No doubt he puts it up regularly. I’d put money on it only amping up his sexiness.
When our eyes connected for that brief moment, the blue popped out in his. I also noticed some navy around the edges. That combination of hair and eyes … Be still my deprived heart.
The way his pants ride low on his hips makes me want to give up all kinds of things to get him to raise his arms above his head so his black T-shirt rises up and I can see what’s underneath.
He has tattoos running all up his left arm, disappearing under his shirt. I can see some black poking through the top at his neck, too. It piques my curiosity, wanting to find out what he’s hiding.
I shake my head and squeeze out the mop. It’s been way too long since … Never mind.

** Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1) is a standalone full-length novel. You do not have to read the Ravage MC series to follow this book, but if you’d like to see where it all started, you really should. **

Haven’t read the Ravage MC Series yet? Now is your chance Book One is FREE!

Ravage Me
by Ryan Michele
Series: Ravage MC #1
Get your copy here:
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

About the author:

Ryan Michele found her passion in bringing fictional characters to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible, and she has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.

She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and other romance-based genres. Whether it’s bikers, wolf-shifters, mafia, etc., Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.

When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.

Website / Newsletter / Reader Group / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads


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Book Review: Kiss Marry Kill by Sidney Halston

I was hooked from the start and couldn't put the book down. It was suspenseful and at a certain point edge-of-your-seat-gripping thrilling, though the romance part was the most present in this book because while Jax worked hard on finding the stalker and keeping Megan safe, they both couldn't ignore the attraction that has always been between them.

This book was a steady paced read which played mostly in the present but jumped a few times back to five years ago when Jax and Megan met. It was woven together perfectly as I usually tend to get confused and annoyed with time-changes but I absolutely loved to get to know the young versions of both characters and what now had become of them.

The Story:
After a stalker broke into her house and scared Megan to the bones, she finds herself in the arms of Jax, a guy she hasn't seen in 5 years but who changed her life for the better because all those years ago, Megan and Jax met under rather unusual circumstances and while they had spent just a few days together, those had been the best of Megan's life.

Having watched the news report on what happened to Meg, Jax up and left the bar to get to her instantly. Even if they've both changed and he doesn't know anything about Megan anymore, he knows one thing for sure and that's that he wants her to be safe.

Now, after years of having lived separate lives both their worlds collide again and reawake the flames which have always been burning in them.

The story started out really good and kept me on edge but the suspense reached its height much later. Meanwhile the story focused on Megan and Jax getting to know each other anew since they've changed a lot in the past few years but the story doesn't let you forget that there’s a constant threat to Megan and keeps your thoughts running wild on what will happen next.

While I enjoyed the storyline, it was Jax that really got me under a spell. It wasn't so much that I loved his good looks or his commanding or cocky attitude but I loved how deeply he felt even though he tried to shut his emotions out. He didn't have to say what he felt because his feelings were reflected in his actions and that was much more powerful. There were a few scenes that really took my breath away when his internal struggle was almost palpable and I felt the urge to hug him. I'm that weird huh?! That shows how good the writing of this book was! The characters felt real to me and I suffered with them.

Enough of those sad feelings. There weren't as much as you'll probably think right now just because I'm a sentimental person. There were also lots of happy and sappy moments that made me smile and I adored how Meg and Jax interacted with each other. One of the best parts were the chapters of the past when they met because their love was already so strong without them acting on it. It was almost bittersweet but I understood how those moments were the best of Megan’s life.

So even though this book is a romantic suspense and it was suspenseful, I really loved it for the underlying and not-so-obvious emotional parts.

Now though, since I'm an impatient person, I want Annie's story!! Is it august yet? =P

-- I received an ARC of this book by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. --

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Release Blitz: After the Dark by Cynthia Eden

After the Dark
by Cynthia Eden
Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 28th, 2017


Four months after being fired from the FBI and retreating to her hometown of Fairhope, Alabama, former special agent Samantha Dark is still learning to enjoy the peaceful anonymity of small-town life. Her confidence shaken, Samantha avoids contact with others. After all, when monsters live in plain sight, it’s hard to trust anyone. But when her former partner, Agent Blake Gamble, the ultimate good guy and someone who’s always believed in her, comes to town seeking her help with his latest case, Samantha is torn. Her fabled instincts let her down once before, when the killer who ruined her career got away under her watch, and there are no guarantees they won’t again.

But Blake doesn’t believe in ever giving up…especially when it comes to Samantha. While they could never pursue their mutual attraction before, when they were partners, now there’s nothing standing in their way…except the specter of known serial killer Cameron Latham. Cameron always claimed he and Samantha both had a darkness within that connected them…until Blake came into her life. Samantha knows that darkness is real—that it’s what allows her to penetrate the minds of sadistic killers. The last thing Samantha could bear, however, is to reveal her dark side to Blake and have him recoil from her. Blake wants to prove to Samantha that he can handle all her secrets—she just needs to trust him. But Samantha learned to be careful about whom to trust. Those close to you can turn on you in an instant…

Blake’s current case turns out to be the work of a copycat killer—a psycho pupil of Cameron’s who is seeking vengeance for his former master by planning to kill Samantha. But it serves as a catalyst for something more venomous—a reason for Cameron himself to reemerge, deadlier than ever. The last person Cameron wants harmed is Samantha. He’s more interested in eliminating perceived rival Blake for good.

Two deadly killers are after them, but Blake and Samantha know every monster has a weakness. It’s just a matter of finding who it is before it’s too late…

About the author:

Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World and IndieReader bestseller. Cynthia is also a three-time finalist for the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA® Award. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over fifty novels and novellas.
Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Release Blitz: Crazy Over You by Daisy Prescott

Crazy Over You
by Daisy Prescott
Series: Love with Altitude #2 (Standalone)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 28th, 2017


My savior isn’t prince charming.
I’m not that lucky.
He’s my worst nightmare.
He’s my one night stand from two years ago.
And he doesn’t remember me.

What happens on vacation doesn't always stay on vacation. Especially in a place like Aspen. I moved to the mountains for my dream vet job. I never expected to run into the man of my dreams. Again.

I never thought I'd see her again.
My Cinderella didn't leave me a shoe to find her.
Not that I'd need random footwear to recognize her.
Her kiss is something I'll never forget.

Work hard. Play hard. I'm paid to be a nice guy on the slopes, but what I do in my off time isn't always about making good choices. That's the fun of living in a ski town. I stay while the women come and go.

Crazy Over You is a standalone romantic comedy and the second book in the Love with Altitude series.

Buy now:
$2.99 for a limited time


“I’m paid to be a nice guy.” He gives me a sweet smile while his eyes shine with mischief.
“You’re only nice when you’re being paid?” I squint at him with distrust.
“You make me sound like a male escort.” His smile falters but the mischievous spark doesn’t fade.
“Your words not mine.”
“Better than a stripper. At least I don’t have to prance around on stage in a thong.” He chuckles.
But I’m not laughing.
The word echoes around in my head as a strong sense of déjà vu hits me smack in the face.
Me dancing on a bar in a short, silver dress. Me practically showing off the goods to a crowd of cheering men.
Oh no. Oh shit. Friends, we have a problem.
My savior isn’t prince charming.
No, I’m not that lucky.
He’s my worst nightmare.
He’s my one night stand from two years ago.


All books in the Love with Altitude series are standalones and can be read in any order.

Next to You
by Daisy Prescott
Series: Love with Altitude #1
Buy now:
99c for a limited time

About the author:

USA Today Bestselling Author Daisy Prescott writes romantic comedies about real love.

Love with Altitude, her newest Rom Com series, is set in Aspen, Colorado features life and love in a small town. Her Modern Love Stories feature characters in their thirties and forties finding and rediscovering love in unexpected and humorous ways. The popular Wingmen books star regular guys who often have beards, drive trucks, and love deeply once they fall.

Born and raised in San Diego, Daisy currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with her husband and an imaginary house goat. When not writing about herself in the third person, Daisy can be found traveling, gardening, baking, or lost in a good book.