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Book Review: Unforgettable Series by Nelle L'Amour

Unforgettable: Book One
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. It’s a lightweight but enjoyable story with really funny, hilarious parts and sometimes a bit over the top scenes.

The Story:
Hollywood star Brandon Taylor had an accident and just woke up from his coma. Suffering from amnesia it’s not easy for him to deal with his fiancée Americas It Girl Katrina Moore. As an Actor Brandon has to return to the set of his show soon after he’s released from the hospital but he worries what will happen if he can’t remember how to act. He can’t even remember all those people he’s supposed to know at the set. Will his memories return and will he remember his love to his fiancée? And what if his accident was actually a hit and run? Maybe his PA Zoey Hart can help him out. But he rather seems distracted by her luscious ass.

Wich woman doesn’t love People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive? His assistant Zoey for sure does. If he wouldn’t be such a jerk of a boss, he would be as fine a man in character as he is to look at. Though since his accident, Brandon seems different. He’s still a mean ass but sometimes he is surprisingly nice to Zoey. How can she keep her heart safe if he’s suddenly a lot more enjoyable to hang out with?!

I wasn’t a fan of the Prologue. It was quite shocking and really short. It didn’t feel like it belonged to the story and the sentences felt like just thrown in. A lot of information packed into a few pages. I think it would have fitted better in between the storyline.

In the beginning Brandon woke up in hospital after his accident. I didn’t like his first chapter at all and kept thinking “What’s wrong with this guy? He lost his memory and all he worries about is his cock?”

What I didn’t like so much was the repetitive mention of Brandon Taylor being no ordinary citizen, being TV’s highest paid actor, People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”. And he is engaged to America’s It Girl Katrina Moore, they’re getting married on national TV. It’s always the same.
Zoe thinks about this in almost all of her chapters and even Brandon himself thinks about him as Sexiest Man Alive all the time. This is annoying after a few repeats. Is it even possible for him to be any more narcissistic?

The strangest thing for me is that such a famous Hollywood star that he is, has no security and walks around like a normal person without getting bothered by paparazzi or journalists. And who cleans his house and his gigantic pool? He’s such a weird superstar.

Despite the bumpy beginning and a few weird scenes in between did I enjoy this book. The different POVs from Brandon and Zoey gave some variety. And the other characters added a bit of width to the story though it lacked in depth.

It’s a foreseeable story without surprises. I believe the story would be better if it wouldn’t drag out so much and if it would be just one book instead of a series.

Unforgettable: Book Two
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was disappointed with this second book because I really enjoyed the first one but the characters especially Brandon’s were unappealing. The story is also kind of confusing because it feels like the author had a lot of ideas and wanted to write all of them in this book without bothering if they fit or not. This was at least my perception when I read this book.

There are some good and some really bad parts.
One bad part -> Those dreams again!!! What’s up with all those weird dreams??

I’m sorry to say this but I despised the characters and the story more and more… sadly though because I really enjoyed the first book.

Brandon’s character was just too twisted for my liking.
And the ending… really? Wasn’t Brandon supposed to be the hero in this book?!

This story was just what one would call wishy-washy most of the time.

The ending was thrilling and left me hanging in suspense. What a cliffhanger. I had to know how Brandon would solve this problem and I had an inkling on how it would go.

Unforgettable: Book Three
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

With a bang and a boom. This story was like an action movie.
Fast paced, suspenseful and so much happening.

The Story:
The beginning of this book continues where the second book left of. I really liked that because we don’t miss out on Brandon just being blackmailed by his fiancé and becoming desperate of what to do now. He loves Zoey and after the last days they've had together even his cock aches for her. Brandon is devastated as he finds out that Zoey left the hotel for the airport and even though he is after her in an instant, he can’t reach her in time. Will he be able to get her back? How will he get rid of Katrina without destroying his career?

What I didn’t like -> there was AGAIN a stupid Cinderella dream. The book would’ve be so much better without this dream.

Apart from that the story is really suspenseful and thrilling. My nerves were all on edge the whole time and I got an adrenaline kick off this book because I really needed to know what Brandon will do about Katrina and how he gets Zoey back. I just couldn’t put this book down. It was so exciting! This conclusion has ton of it. It was a delight to race through this story.

-- I received an ARC of this series from the author through the Fifty Shades Support Group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. --

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