Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Review: Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's well written and I got pulled into the story from the beginning. I loved reading about Blake's development within Justin's relationship when she tried to get his strong hold on her to loosen up and that she stepped out of her shell to finally enjoy her life.
The three characters (Justin, Blake and Dash) were well created and felt so real to me.

The Story:
This story is told in the first person in Blake's POV. Blake is a meteorologist student and in a long-term relationship with her first boyfriend. Justin and Blake know each other since they were kids and Justin hadn't had it easy in life. His parents had left him behind at his aunt and uncle's and even they had kicked him out after a while. Blake was all Justin had left and that's one reason why Blake always chose Justin when she had to make a decision where he was involved because she felt responsible for him.

Justin drinks a lot and since there is a fine line between a fun Justin and a blow-up worthy Justin, he often tips over into being explosive. Blake always tries her best to control Justin's outbursts though he blames her a lot for everything anyway. He loves to play video games with his friends and Blake can't remember when the last time was that he surprised her or went with her to dinner or to the movies. He even seems to be forgetting her birthday in the last few years. Justin changed and Blake hopes that the Justin she fell in love with is still in there somewhere and that he would come back.

Though at university, Blake meets Dash, the guy who chases storms, and Blake starts to notice the differences in Dash and Justin. She feels so happy being friends with Dash and he shows her that she deserves better and that Justin's behavior toward her is not the only way to treat a woman and a girlfriend.

I don't know what's wrong with me but I felt so sorry for Justin a lot of the time, especially in the beginning and at the end. Even after all he'd done to Blake. I'm so sad that something bad had to happen for him to realize that he was a horrible person to Blake. He is an alcoholic and has problems to control his anger. He badly needs help. He has no purpose in life and even his work gets on his nerves but it's like he's afraid of changes.

I didn't really understand why Justin didn't want to give Blake up because it seemed like he could easily have other girls at least for sex and he seemed more annoyed by Blake's attitude anyway. Since he had to apologize a lot for his behavior and buy things for her to get himself in good graces why bother at all when all he wanted to do is play video games with his buddies anyway? That's what I didn't get. He would have had less trouble without Blake. And she obviously would have had a better life without him.

It was so thrilling when Blake, Dash, John and Paul went for a storm chase the first time. I felt like watching the movie 'twister' all over again.
Dash is a sweet guy. He does everything for Blake and I don't even know why she didn't give in to him at first. She wanted to find herself but I think that was just BS. You are yourself even in a relationship and since she and Justin grew apart a long time ago, she wasn't really in a relationship, at least not a healthy one.

I still have hope for Justin that he changes and everything turns out all right. I wish there is a HEA-story for him some day.

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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