Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Book Review: Frosted Sweets (A Taste of Love Series Vol. 1) by A.M. Willard

This was an O.K. read though the blurb made the story seem much more interesting than the book itself was. Why?! Because the book didn't seem to have a low or high point and was too wishy-washy for me. The story was all over the place. Megan couldn't make up her mind and her soon-to-be or not-to-be husband did something bad but it never felt that way and everything was over really quickly without real emotions.

In the beginning we never get to know Simon though he and Megan would get married in a few days. Then she sees him with another woman and calls everything off. There’s no real fight, no real tears or breakdown. A few bits and pieces are scattered throughout the story since she can't really make up her mind at what she wants. Jayden seems like an on and off guy for her but they hit it off pretty quickly even though they don’t know each other at all and never even dated. Jayden also can't decide what he wants. What’s going on? People! Make up your minds! He's as bad as Megan in deciding what to want.

I couldn't really connect with the characters and Megan often annoyed me. She didn't seem sad at what happened and it felt as if she didn't care at all about what her ex did. I can't remember how long she's been with Simon but she wrote him off pretty quickly. Megan realized that he wasn't her soulmate or kind of always knew that. Why did she want to marry him at all when she felt like this?

Some aspects of the story seemed to be thrown in to make it more interesting but not all of them really fit in IMHO. Megan suddenly had 3 guys rooting for her all at once and I think that Nick was just weird and too much.

All in all it was still a nice read with some fun parts though I wasn't into it as much because there was a lot going on with all of the friends and it felt like Megan's story was not the main story.
I think the book would have been better with the different POVs of the girls and their stories as well or more of Megan and less of her friends.

It was a pity that Jayden never really got his POV. We know more about him from the blurb than we get to know in the book. Or did I miss something out?

I think that this story had a lot of potential that it didn't fully use. Which is sad. I believe I would have liked it more with the different POVs and all stories told because now it seemed like no real story. And in the end I felt like Megan and Jayden's story deserved better. It just had no real ending.

-- I received an ARC of this book from Nell's PR & Marketing in exchange for an honest review. -- 
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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