Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review: The Unwritten Series by Lauren Runow

As you can imagine, since Charlie is a male escort, there are some steamy scenes going on in this book. Really hot and intense!
I liked both Charlie’s and Alison’s perspectives and their different inner turmoil's about the other person. The story was a bit - for the lack of a better word - crazy sometimes but it kept me on edge a few times because there was a lot going on and I often had the feeling that this will go up like a bomb. How will they handle all that stuff? Can love conquer all of this? Will their love survive?
I only had a problem with Allison in the second book because I just didn't like her most of the time for a few reasons.

The first book ends in a huge cliffhanger which is no problem when you have this box-set because you can instantly read on =) Yay!

The Story:
Charlie is a male escort and couldn't dream of a better life. Who wouldn't love to get paid for having sex? A lot of men would gladly be him and there doesn't seem to be a woman that doesn't want to have sex with him.
He loves his lifestyle though when he meets Allison, he can't seem to get her out of his mind, which really sucks when he is with a client because he shouldn’t be distracted by this woman so much and instead focused on his tasks at hand.

Alison is head over heels for this guy that she has so much in common with but barely knows. Though she wonders why, even after their third date, he doesn't show any intentions on making a move on her and when her sister comes up with a possible explanation, Alison is worried about what Charlie isn't telling her.

What will Charlie do now? Should he quit his job for a woman? But what should he do for a living since he's always been an escort? And how should he tell Allison? She would for sure hate and leave him, wouldn't she?

-- An ARC of the series box-set was kindly provided by WordSmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review. --
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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