Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Review: Freebird by Gwen Piercy

I absolutely enjoyed reading this wonderful story! It was really lovely. Now excuse me please I have to go and get myself a rockstar =P

The Story:
Meg prefers her quiet and normal home on the island of Montcovery to the plastic party life of L.A.
The island became really popular over the last years and tourists and celebrities are frequenting the town, bringing money and business. Though very few people find their way into Meg's bookstore and even with the few designed t-shirts she's selling, Meg is still struggling to pay all the bills and taxes. When rockstar Steve Ford crashes his Ferrari into the beloved house Meg inherited from her grandma, the wall isn't the only thing breaking because the shield around her heart starts to crumble the more time she spends with Steve. But their lives are too different to fit together and Meg worries about his intentions. Steve has to leave Montcovery at one point but will he be able to leave Meg behind? Is there no chance for their romance to fully blossom?

Meg was a strong character despite her loneliness, lack of income and self-consciousness because she always pulled through and became an independent person. She even pushed away the person she loved to keep herself from getting hurt. (Btw I would be too selfish to do this. *g*)
I wish there was a bit more of Steve - in the second part of the book at least - though I think it was still really well written because we got to know more of Meg and her family problems. Lizzy claimed that Steve wasn't the typical rockstar and even though I wanted to believe her I didn't really see that throughout the book. Anyway, I loved this story because it felt like a real life story and wasn’t overdone and the characters truly warmed my heart.

The romance progressed rather slowly which can be dangerous in books when it feels like it’s dragging but this author pulled it off really well and I was enthralled by the magic of the love story. Besides, I prefer this a thousand times to all the insta-love stories.

This was the second book that I’ve read from this author and I'll definitely read more of her work.

-- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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