Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: Mismatch by Tracie Delaney

This was one hell of a suspenseful, fast-paced and fun read! Rupe’s story was full of surprises and had me on edge the whole time. Talk about unputdownable!

We already met Rupe in Cash’s story and know of his way to make light of everything, how he enjoys life to the fullest and that his wealth makes everything a hell of a lot easier for him. He’s not only very successful in business but also with women, so I was very curious which woman was able to catch him.
I have always loved Rupert Fox-Whittingham and I liked seeing him finally getting attached to one woman. The road to his happily ever after was not as smooth and easy as he'd probably wished for but it's definitely one of the reasons why he even found her. Life’s sometimes tough and Rupe learned the hard way that some things couldn't be bought and that money eventually had its limits. Even though it was sad to see Rupe down in a seemingly hopeless situation, I liked getting to know a different, more serious and thoughtful side of him.

Jayne was definitely right up Rupe’s alley because she was tough enough to not only stand her ground but also strike back to his flippant comments and sassy remarks. Her take-no-shit-from-nobody attitude was just one of her best characteristics and sure enough, Rupe – usually easily bored – was intrigued by her and the challenge she offered to him was too good to pass up on.

It’s surely no surprise when I say that I absolutely loved Rupe not only because he was funny, smart and good-looking but mainly because he had good manners and was old-fashioned. I like me some old-school manly man and I strongly believe that he could charm his way into any woman's pants. Mine for sure =P

The Story:
Rupe wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead woman. And as if this wasn't shocking enough, he can’t believe it when the police show up at his doorstep to arrest him with the murder of said woman.
His legal aid, Jayne Seymour - currently working through a divorce - is an independent woman, a workaholic and as tough as they come. But when her new client Rupert Fox-Whittingham is determined to take her out, no matter how often she declines, Jayne can't help but eventually succumb to his persistency and charm. Because one dinner should be manageable to survive, right?

Although Rupe now finds himself in a situation that he can’t control, neither with his money nor his wit, he very much appreciates the most intriguing woman he’s ever met and he’s more than tempted to turn her world upside down.

I’m so happy that I’ve found this author and her books because her writing is captivating and highly entertaining, which makes reading so much more fun.

I liked that the story had a lot more depth than it first seemed. It was well thought through and not just about Rupe being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also the easy and funny banter between the characters was what I loved the most.

Jayne was a great woman but scared to get hurt again so it took a while for her to find out that beneath Rupe’s layer of his flippant attitude was a pretty decent guy. I think he was perfect for her because she sure needed someone like him, someone to give her all his attention and who cared about her so much that he didn't let her push him away. There was no chance for her to not eventually open up to him.

Rupe on the other hand realized that his usual flippant self probably wouldn’t have helped him with someone like her. So he had to change his strategy which was kind of funny, because never would I have thought he would care what other people thought of him. But she was obviously a special person to him. Lucky her, he’s the whole package.

Coming to an end of my review I’d like to mention that although this is a standalone, I warmly recommend reading Cash’s story – before or after this read – because Rupe and Cash are two very different yet so similar characters who are impossible not to fall in love with.

-- I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book given by the author. --

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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