Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book Review: Captivated by Him by Terri E. Laine

I loved Gavin and I loved getting to know his story since he was the most intriguing character in Because of Him. I think that his story turned out really well because I didn’t want this book to end; I could have kept reading about him forever.

I only had difficulties at the beginning to get into the story because the timeline overlapped with Because of Him which I don’t usually like since it gives me a feeling of reading the same book twice. It was just with the first few chapters though so I just had to get through them. Anyhow, it wasn’t Gavin’s story per se that put me off at the beginning.

This story was told from Gavin’s and Megan’s POV with some chapters of the past mixed in between. I loved that we got to know more about his family in the past chapters because it gave a lot more history to his character and background information about what was going on with him and his secretiveness. He was very mysterious in Because of Him and I couldn’t wait to find out more. Since I don’t want to give anything away, I refrain from telling you much more about the story.

Although you don’t necessarily need to have read Because of Him to enjoy this book, I’d still recommend reading it first since it gives you important background information regarding Tade, especially since the first chapters played within the same timeline. Even though both books might be standalones, the characters stories were intertwined.

Gavin wasn’t only good-looking but shined brightest with his big caring heart. I didn’t expect him to be so good at heart and such a special person because of the life he led thanks to his father; although I didn’t really blame his father for everything.

The story got better and better the farther it moved along and I was really happy about the short visit from two characters of the author’s previous books (Clearly, I can’t tell you who I’m talking about =P). I liked Megan a lot more in this book and I had not expected for her story to play such an important part, aside from the obvious love-story of course.

There was a lot going on at the ending and I struggled to keep up with all the information packed into it. So I’m not sure I understood everything correctly but I think I did figure out the important parts. The epilogue was a perfect ending though.

So, if you liked Because of Him, then this is a definite must-read for you! And even if you haven’t read it, I’d recommend checking this one out because come on, it’s Gavin! =)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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