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Release Blitz & Book Review: A Shameless Little Con by Meli Raine

A Shameless Little Con
by Meli Raine
Series: The Shameless Series #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 30th, 2018


I didn’t do it.
I never betrayed my friend.

Last year, I was kidnapped along with presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay Bosworth, forced to help her assailants, my mother implicated in one of the biggest political scandals in American history.

I've been cleared of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t matter. Once you’re tried by the media, you’re guilty as sin. The truth doesn’t get the public’s attention.

But shame? Shame sells.
And everyone assumes you’re tainted.

Now I have my own personal security team, courtesy of the United States government. Not the one you learned about in civics class, though.

I’m being tracked by the deep state. The shadow government. They’ve assigned Silas Gentian to be with me twenty-four seven. He thinks he knows everything about me – all of it bad -- and he does.

On paper.

Like everyone else, he assumes I’m a traitor. A backstabber. A betrayer. Someone who helped a group of violent psychopaths, puppets of powerful men in Washington who made me into a tool.

Yet I see how he looks at me. True desire can’t be faked.
Or hidden.

And that goes both ways.

He assumes I’m trying to fool him.
And he might be right.

But not for the reasons he thinks.

A Shameless Little Con is the first book in the Shameless trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.
A Shameless Little Lie (Book 2 ~ Coming March 27, 2018)
A Shameless Little Bet (Book 3 ~ Coming May 29, 2018) 




“Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, if you thought it through, there might be a completely different angle on every part of this mess? That maybe I’m telling the truth?” I taunt him. That’s how this feels–like nothing but a nasty game. The push-pull of wanting him to treat me like a human being and wanting to lash out and hurt him is infuriating, but it is better than sitting here and taking his negativity like a passive little doormat.
“Of course I have.”
“And you’ve rejected that. Completely.”
“Then you’re really bad at your job, Silas,” I say, letting all the bitterness and contempt come through my voice.
“You’ve wounded me, Jane.” Turns out he can do contempt, too. Better than I can.
“I mean it. Anyone whose job is to protect people can’t be such an absolutist. It makes you weak. Gives other people an easy shot at you.”
“‘Other people’? Do you mean people like you?”
“No. I mean people like the ones who attacked Lindsay.”
“Right. People like you.”
I shake my head slowly, the waves of panic flowing through me, giving in to them. Letting them come because what choice do I have?
And guess what?
You can feel all of that panic, let the anxiety overwhelm you, nearly black out from the incongruity of being shamed, driving toward an unknown destination where you have no control–
–and still stand up for yourself.
“I have nothing left to lose, Silas. My mom is dead, my reputation’s beyond salvageable, I don’t have a job or a place to live, and everywhere I go someone’s trying to kill me. Even my online world is nothing but garbage and threats from shitlords. So, as a simple thought exercise, can you try? You’re protecting me. Someone assigned you to me. Give me the courtesy of doing your job completely. If I’m stuck with you–and I know I am–I, at least, want you to do your best.”


A Shameless Little Lie
by Meli Raine
The Shameless Series #2
Release Date: March 27th, 2018
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by Meli Raine
The Shameless Series #3
Release Date: May 29th, 2018

Pre-order here:

About the author:

Meli Raine writes romantic suspense with hot bikers, intense undercover DEA agents, bad boys turned good, and Special Ops heroes — and the women who love them.
Meli rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.

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My review:

OMG!!! A book hangover of a different kind. My mind can't stop spinning and thinking about this story – especially the ending and what it means for the rest of the series.

First off, if you haven't read the Harmless Series yet, I'd suggest you do that first because it's an awesome series and the Shameless Series is somewhat a continuation of it in the grand scheme of things which would spoil you Lindsay's story if you plan on reading Harmless anyway. But you don’t necessarily need to have read it before this one because there’s enough explained in this book to get you caught up – almost too much for me, as I’ve read the Harmless Series and felt a bit like skimming to get through all the stuff I knew already (I didn't though, because on the other hand it was a nice little recap).

This new book is about Jane's life and the aftermath of all that happened so far to her, Lindsay and everyone else involved in the cat and mouse game, run by some unknown key player. It's definitely suspenseful with some twists and turns, and surprises you won't see coming.
'Do we really ever know anyone, though? Especially in this crazy political world.'
The Story:
Although Jane was officially cleared of all the accusations, people still didn't believe in her innocence. It also didn't stop them from hating and threatening her, which is why the senator had security assigned to her. Though why did he care so much about her? Was he just trying to control her like everybody else? To have her out of the way and to steer clear of any reputational damage she could do?

Jane lost everything. Her mother was dead, she had no friends, no job and no home. The few belongings she had were confiscated. She was guarded 24/7 and the only place she could be alone was in the bathroom. So much for being innocent and feeling like a chess piece being placed where she couldn't do any more damage and put wherever she was needed to be without questioning. Jane was treated like a lab rat, like the enemy, some worthless person not worth a glance or second thought when it came to her comfort. All she got was hateful stares and more questions she had no answers to.
'Pitchforks and torches are so twentieth century. Now you tar and feather people with a Share button and a Like.'
I liked Jane a lot more than I've ever liked Lindsay, because she's more mature, which could stem from her very different upbringing in which she had more responsibility from early on and also had to fight her fights alone in society since her parents weren’t rich or powerful like all the other kids parents.
Contrary to Lindsay did Jane think first before she spoke, which on the other hand gave us a looooooot of thoughts from Jane in this book – since she also didn't really have anyone to talk to.

The book started out really good and had me captured for most of it, but between 10% to 60% the story had a slow progress and often felt a bit dragging because of Jane's endless thoughts about everything and nothing, which is why I couldn't give this book five stars, although I absolutely loved the last 40%. I was also slightly annoyed by how she was always on the go, taken back and forth all the time, which felt like turning in a circle for a while. Why not keep her close in one place easy accessible to save all that trouble of traveling around?!

So, what's to say about Silas?! Still waters run deep. Since he thought of Jane as the enemy, it took a long time for him to reveal something about himself. I actually enjoyed it a lot how he was Jane's tough, dangerous shadow and to see him slowly thaw to her when more evidence was revealed about her innocence.
'When everyone around you questions your motives, the only sane reaction is to question theirs.'
I felt so sorry about what Jane went through; the danger, the fact that no one believed her and everybody thought she's the enemy, all the threats she's receiving without having anyone to turn to. She was all alone after her mother died and she couldn't seem to get any chance of a normal life back with all the threats against her. All the pressure on her mind and body weren't healthy and like a ticking bomb waiting to explode because one can hold on just for so long without breaking.
'I didn't do it.
I never betrayed my friend.'
Biggest bitch on earth - if you've read the Harmless series - you know who I'm speaking of -> Monica. I didn't know that it was possible to hate her even more. She's a great character because she elicits so many emotions from me – all bad ones. *haha*

The ending wasn't a typical cliffhanger per se in my opinion, but it will definitely take you by surprise and have you wanting more.

Ultimately, I loved this book A LOT! and I can hardly await the release of book #2!!

*grabby hands* GIVE ME THE NEXT BOOK!!! NOW!!!! ... pretty please =P

-- I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book given by Give Me Books Promotions. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
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