Monday, November 7, 2016

Release Blitz & Book Review: Reckless Touch by Veronica Larsen

Reckless Touch
by Veronica Larsen
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 7th, 2016


He crowds everything into corners just by stepping into a room.
Steely, cold, and focused, he’d do anything to keep me safe.
Except there is no safe and there is no us.
There’s only stolen moments and reckless touches, secrets and lies.
And the stranger who wants me dead.
Cast in shadows and biding his time, he pulls on the threads of my life hoping I'll come undone.
Even surrounded by people I'm completely alone.
Though I’m afraid, I don’t want to feel safe.
I want to feel prepared.
Fear doesn't have to be my weakness; it can be the fire in my veins.
Fear might just keep me alive tonight.

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About the author:

Veronica Larsen’s romance novels are angst-driven and steamy. They tend to feature strong female leads who keep their male counterparts on their toes. Veronica enjoys building intense chemistry and anticipation while creating believable, down-to-earth romances. She’s an avid reader of all genres, coffee addict, and a Harry Potter fanatic.

My Review: 

This book had me on the edge until the very end. Just wow! I'm usually really good at predicting the endings of stories but even though I had a few suspects in this story of which I believed were behind all of what's going on I have to hand it to the author for taking me by surprise at the end because this person was not one I thought of. I was so wrong with my guesses.

I absolutely enjoyed this story. It was a nice change to all my previously read books.

The Story:
Amelia's job as a journalist means everything to her. With no family and no real friends she is on her own and never cared much about anything else than for a good story she would do anything for, even risking her own life. When she doesn't feel safe anymore because of a stranger lurking in the shadows and waiting to jump on her – at least that's what she feels after an attack on her - she seeks help from Detective Reed. But can she even trust him? Does he believe her or does he think she is just paranoid?
Sebastian Reed doesn't like journalists because they are always on the hunt for the next story no matter the damage they cause. He has to be careful with Amelia though her beauty makes it hard for him to be cautious around her.

This story was suspenseful and unpredictable because even though you might think to know what will happen, it doesn't. This will have you on the edge and take you for a thrilling ride. I actually turned all my lights on in my apartment and checked the door twice if it's locked. I was paranoid because of this well written story that made me question every sound around me. And it wasn't even a thriller but a suspenseful romance. I'm really a scared chicken.

I was easily pulled into the story and even though I couldn't connect with Amelia I was very fond of Detective Reed. *swoon* There wasn't as much romance in this book as I thought but the bit that I got out of it had me fanning myself.

This is definitely worth reading especially when you're looking for a book full of suspense that will keep you on your toes and doesn't reveal the bad guy until the end.

-- I received an ARC of this book from L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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