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Release Blitz & Book Review: Clam Jam by RC Boldt

Clam Jam
by RC Boldt
Genre: Romantic Comedy/New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 10th, 2017


“Clam Jam”
the female equivalent of a cock block.
Example: You’re chatting with a guy you’re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him.


That’s my life - except it’s worse. My friend who keeps “jamming” me is my gay roommate and if that isn’t a W.T.F. moment, I’m not sure what is.

Fact: He went home with three - yes, three - of the guys I had been so sure were into me.

Fact: He’s really pissing me off. I mean, hello? I’m trying to get back in the saddle, but I’ll never manage to get a boyfriend before the age of fifty if he keeps this up.

Fact: Secretly, I wonder what it would be like if he weren’t gay. Why do all the hot, sweet, tender-hearted guys have to be gay?

Fact: My gay-dar needs a serious tune-up.

The day I interviewed for the room to rent, everything changed. I knew I had met “the girl”, except there was one small problem: she didn’t want anything to do with men. I recognized a top-notch force field when I saw one. She’d been burned badly and didn’t want to deal with a heterosexual guy as a roommate. I could’ve turned around and found another place to live, but I wanted to live there—with her.

So I had to go “undercover”.

Fact: I’m in love with my roommate.

Fact: I’m a likely candidate for carpal tunnel surgery since all the action I’ve had for the past year has been my hand.

Fact: She’s going to hate me if I come clean now.

Fact: I’m not giving up. Which means, I’ll just have to continue to run defense until I figure out a way to get Maggie to see the “real” me.

The me that loves her.

The me that would never do her wrong.

Until then, I’ll keep running off every guy who shows any interest.

Until then, I’ll continue to Clam Jam.


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“Ryland James!” I bang on his bathroom door, hollering loudly. “Did you eat the last—”
The door swings open, drawing my speech to a sudden halt because … ooooh, sweet, dripping wet abs.
My eyes are riveted.
He’s got a towel wrapped around his waist, and I don’t even realize I’m moving until Ry releases a sharp hiss at my touch. Because my finger is tracing over the slight indentations in his abdominal muscles.
“Um …” He clears his throat, his voice husky and deep. “Mags?”
“Uh-huh,” I murmur absently, my fingertip stopping one of the trickling droplets of water on his skin, tracing it down over his belly button, and—
His fingers grasp my wrist, drawing my hand to a halt, and my eyes dart up to his in alarm because crap. That was like an out-of-body experience.
“Oh, crap. I’m sorry. I just really, um … crap.” That’s all I can utter. Nonsense. No one would believe I have my graduate degree if they heard me right now.
If my tongue had a voice of its own, it would probably say something like, “Just the tip. That’s all I want.” The tip of my tongue tracing over Ry’s abs, that is. You know, just to prove someone Photoshopped him. Or not.
Because I’ll take one for the team. I’m a giver like that. People might even think of canonizing me as a saint after all this. Really.
Oh, and then … Abracadabra! Poof! He’d no longer be gay, profess his undying love for me, and wouldn’t ever leave me for another guy.
Or woman.
Wow. That scenario even sounds crazy in my head.
Shaking off my thoughts, I take one more glance down at his abs—just one more glance—and that’s when I see it.
“Oh, boy,” I breathe out. Ry is hard, tenting the towel, and I really want it to drop. Accidentally, of course. Like an “oops” moment. Totally harmless and innocent.
Oh. My. God. I’m a horrible person. I’m thinking of my roommate’s penis! My roommate who has quickly become one of my best friends.
Oh, the shame!
Where did this inner slut come from? It’s like she’s been lying in wait—for him, apparently.
But, really. I can take a little peek, right?

About the author:

RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you're in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can't recall the lyrics to a particular 80's song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she's your girl.

Website / rcboldtbooks@gmail.com / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Instagram / Amazon

My review:

This was such a lovely and awesome written book! It was full of witty and funny banter as well as emotionally and sexually charged moments. There were some heartfelt parts and lots of lovely gestures in this book that made my heart melt.

I'm not much of a humorous person but this book made even me smile. It was my first book from this author and I was positively surprised by the unique writing style. Honestly, I was a bit worried when I first looked at the cover because I feared the story to be somewhat trashy but it turned out to be an example of how deceiving covers can be.

The Story:
Maggie doesn't want anything to do with men since she caught her now ex-fiancé cheating on her. When Ryland James desperately wants to rent out the room Maggie has to offer, he goes so far as in telling her that he's gay. Both seem to be quite happy for some time with their living situation but as soon as Maggie starts dating again, strangely all men seem to be more transfixed on Ry than on her. Ry does everything to block Maggie in dating other men because he wants her for himself though how should he tell her that he isn't gay at all but in love with her? Will Ry have the guts to tell her the truth? And can Maggie ever forgive him for lying to her all this time?
'No. This isn't how it's supposed to go, damn it! Not that I knew how it was really supposed to go, but this... definitely isn't it. She's supposed to say something like, “Oh, I think I'm in love with you, Ry.” And then I'll say something back like, “I love you, too. And also, I'm not really gay.” Then she'll say, “That's a relief” And we'd commence living happily ever after.
Okay, so that isn't suave in any way, shape or form but give me a break. I'm a dude. We're not exactly known for being flawless orators.'
This was by far the best comedy romance book I've read in a long time. And I don't even like comedy that much because it's hard to write IMO. You need the right amount of wit, fun, sexy and seriousness and this story is an excellent mix of all of them. I highly recommend this book also to readers that don't usually read comedy but like romance books because let me tell ya, Ry will melt not only your hearts but he will also set your panties on fire!
'I'm sorry, but did my panties just go poof? Up in smoke? Because the look in his eyes made my hoo-ha feel like it was on fire.'
Despite what I mentioned above was this book not too heavy on any emotions but made me nevertheless laugh, cry and swoon. I was relieved that it wasn't a silly story but a well written book that included so much of what a lot of people wish for - to find the one person we can be crazy with and love regardless, the one that's not just our best friend but much more, our soulmate.

This is probably one of my highest rated comedy books. I just felt a bit torn at some point because on one hand I thought that the story could've been a bit shorter but on the other hand, it would have been too rushed otherwise and I actually enjoyed how their feelings slowly developed.
Ry was like the perfect guy. He's almost too perfect. The ending was amazing and who doesn't wish to have a man like Ryland James?! *swoon*
'“Oh, boy,” I breathe out. Ry is hard, tenting the towel, and I really want it to drop. Accidentally, of course. Like an “oops” moment. Totally harmless and innocent.
Oh. My. God. I'm a horrible person. I'm thinking of my roommate's penis! My rommmate who has quickly become one of my best friends. Oh, the shame!'
My favorite part → I just say one word Napkins
LOVE LOVE LOVE! It was just the right kind of cheesy.
'I want a guy who will love me even when I have no makeup on and still tell me – and believe – that I'm beautiful.'
To be honest I was worried at first that Ry was one of those insta-lover, stalker guys but he turned out to be sooooo good.
I also really enjoyed the secondary characters Jack and Sarah. I really hope that at least Jack gets his own story too. I would definitely read it.

-- I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. --

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