Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Review: Edge of Regret by Molly E. Lee

This was absolutely amazing!!! It was raw, heartrending, painful. A real emotional read that touched me deeply.

Edge of Regret outshone all the other books in this series. I mean, I loved Dash and the rest of the crew but Wade and Mackenzie's story topped all the others.

This story broke my heart a few times and I'm a sucker for emotional reads but I'm glad that my heart got glued back together again at the end.
        “I've got you”
The Story:
Wade couldn't believe she was here, working on the same movie-set as him; after all those years and everything that had happened. He is torn between wanting her and keeping his distance because he knows she was not OK and he wanted to help her but he also knows that after having his heart broken by her once, he won't survive getting crushed yet again. He tries to keep his distance but it's a lot harder than he thought. Especially since she obviously needs him and he was the only one who can bring her comfort.
'The panic in her blue-gray eyes, the cracked humming of that song, the way she shook against me when I'd scooped her up...'
Mackenzie would rather do what she does best, defusing bombs and whatnot but her commander won't let her back into the field yet. So here she is, on a movie-set helping the actor get into his character and through all the motions that come naturally to her. How hard can it be to get this over with until she's able to get back to her real job? Sadly, what happened overseas had such a powerful impact, she's not sure on how to get a grip on things, but she hopes that Wade can help her forget, even when it's just for a few Moments.
'I was both desperate for the security that was him to be real, and desperate for this all to be just another nightmare I'd wake up from tomorrow.'
This book!! Wow!!! I highlighted almost the whole book *haha*

It's just so hard to explain my feelings right now. My thoughts are such a mess, but in simple words, I absolutely LOVED this book! This is without a doubt Molly's best book yet and I can't wait for the next ones.

The author really knows how to keep the reader's attention. I couldn't put the book down since I was sucked into the story from the very beginning and it didn't let me go until I finished it. Now I wish I could read it again for the first time but I know that I will love it even more the second time around.

So, while most of you knew Wade already from Edge of Brotherhood, he was new to me, because I haven't gotten to reading it yet *goes to hide in shame*. Anyway, it's not like this was my first or last book from this author. I love her books and I will certainly catch up on the few titles that are already waiting on my kindle.

I loved Wade, I really did. He was an amazing character. Strong, loyal, someone to hold on to, caring, funny, but not without faults. He made me laugh but he also showed his soft side and brought me to tears. Oh god, even thinking about some of the stuff in this book instantly wets my eyes. *dabbing the corners of my eyes with a tissue*

To be honest, Mackenzie was such a strong and amazing female character, she almost outshone Wade despite the storm cloud above her head. I rarely like female lead characters as they often tend to be full of themselves but Molly E. Lee's characters never have that negative vibe. They're all incredible and I wish to be at least half as strong as them. As nice as it is when the guy saves the day, it's empowering to save yourself from time to time and be independent and not depend on the knight in shining armor.
'My eyes settled on his, and I sighed. It was like I hadn't been breathing normally for years.' 
This book was slightly different to the other Edge books as it's not as characteristically adventurous but nonetheless action-packed and suspenseful with lots of heartrending scenes that made me fall harder for the characters and their story.

Molly E. Lee outdid herself with this book! It' a must-read and highly recommended! You really don't want to miss this topnotch read!!

-- This ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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