Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: Make Me Stay by Sidney Halston

I loved the thrill of the unknown from the first half of the book because I didn't know June's secret. I should have read the blurb first as it gives this away but I think I liked it even better that I didn't know this because it was a lot more suspenseful and mysterious this way.

This book was about Matt, Nick's brother from Pull Me Close (a must-read book!!), who we know as a fun, partying womanizer, who's also kind of reckless compared to his serious and responsible brother Nick.

But as usual, with the right woman, Matt yearns for things he didn't knew he ever wanted and everything that seemed important to him so far turned insignificant.

Matt was put through a lot in this book because of April. And after everything was discovered he had a hard time telling right from wrong and sorting through his feelings.
But when I got to know everything about April, I couldn’t be mad at her and started hoping that she and Matt would sort everything out between them.

“I wish you could make me stay.”

The Story:
Although the different hair and clothes, he just knows that she's his June. He knew the second he heard her voice and saw her blue eyes. But why does she look so different? Why did she run away and even the hired PI's couldn't find her?

Matt was always the partying guy and there were always women offering themselves to him but the second he sets eyes on the fiery dark haired beauty, he's a goner. It's like a magnet pulling him to her and he knows that he needs to have her close. This had never happened to him before and although she is as sexy dressed as all the other women in Panic, she stands out.

Matt would have never thought to settle down but June does something to him. She makes him yearn for things he didn't even think of wanting.
He never missed anything in his life but when June made him feel all this emotions and then suddenly disappears, he realizes that he is now missing out on an amazing future with her.

When she suddenly reappears in his life with a different name and looks the anger of her deceiving and betrayal mixes with his love for her. But then something unexpected happens and he's torn between turning his back on her or giving in and helping her.

Like I mentioned above, as I haven't read the blurb before reading the book, there was always something mysterious about June, and Matt felt this too. So it was for me the same as it was for Matt since we both were in the dark for a long time about what June/April did.
My thoughts were running wild about what it could've been which made it much more interesting.

On the other hand, since I didn't know she was working undercover, something always felt off with her, although I really liked her. I had a feeling that she was on to something not good.

I really liked Matt. I've always liked him actually. I never really thought that he was a bad guy or anything despite him taking drugs occasionally at first; maybe because nothing bad had ever happened. I was glad that he stopped taking though.

I liked the story a lot. It had a good flow, great pace and I liked Matt's witty comments and retorts. He's such a great, caring and fun character. You wouldn't have believed this probably in the first book.

The author found a great way in the second half of the book for the characters to slowly approach each other again emotionally without making it feel unreal. It was a slow and painful process for them which made it much more interesting and believable. I really loved how everything turned out and where the story led them even though it was a rough path.

Even before I read the acknowledgement I knew there was a hint to another story. I'm excited for Kiss Me Back and to find out more about mysterious Lola.

-- I received an ARC of this book by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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