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Blog Tour & Book Review: Dirty by Michelle Horst

by Michelle Horst

Series: A Damaged Romance Duet #1
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 28th, 2017
Cover Designer: RBA Designs


Degraded. Ravaged. Dirty.

I fuck. It’s all I’m good for.
People pay thousands just to have a taste of me.
I have to obey for the sake of my brother. As long as I’m the perfect slave, David remains safe.

A life of depravity and cruelty is all I’ve ever known … until her.

I might be damaged, but I’m not destroyed. I crave revenge for what was done to me. I have a need to kill, to feel their lifeless blood dripping from my fingers.

But I also crave her. She makes me feel. She makes me want. I just have to make her see me. The man. The fighter.

Freedom. No one is ever truly free. She doesn’t want to enslave me, but damn, I’ll willingly be a slave to her heart.

When my past threatens to take her from me, revenge and wrath burn hot through me.

She’s not just worth living for. She’s worth killing for.

** A Stand Alone Romance. Not recommended if you don't enjoy dark romance with sensitive scenes. +18 Only **

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About the author:

Michelle Horst is a Bestselling Romance Author who likes her books hot, dirty, and with a touch of darkness. She loves an alpha hero who is not scared to fight for his woman.

My review: 

This was a dark read, all right, and I loved it! I loved the dark parts the most (Do I feel bad about that? Maybe I should, but I don’t.)

The plot was really good and if you like dark reads, this will be a great addition to your collection.
Although I think there was still room to go further/darker. (Or maybe I’m just so used to the extreme dark ones that scare lots of other people off.) This was still a dark read but I think it wasn't too much to handle. (This is nothing negative just something to consider in case you prefer the extreme.) If you haven't tried dark books before, I think this is a good book to try out this genre.

I really enjoyed this story and its fast pace. One could think that the story was predictable and to a certain degree it might had been but there were some turns of events that I didn't see coming, which was nice as I don't like to know the full story right from the start.

The Story:
Jack saw his mother dying when he was a small boy. She was taken from him by his monster of a father and he now has to live in hell and has to endure the tortures from the devils his father makes business with. They pay high amounts of money and get off of abusing him and the other slaves. Jack might be strong enough to kill them but he promised to keep his brother save and he's the only reason why Jack still lets them have their way with him without him fighting back even when it gets harder to control his anger. But then, everything changes and his anger takes over his body. Will he make it out of this hellhole alive?

Jack was a character that lived through hell and had to deal with mostly dark emotions. I liked his POV the most.
River was at first an admirable character because she seemed so strong to have grown and learned from other people’s mistakes and that she tried to help the ones that were mistreated. But later on she suddenly became weak and so strange. She seemed like a different woman and I wish she stayed the stronger character in this story and not changed rolls with Jack.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was that between certain scenes, the change was too sudden. Jack grew up in slavery and I thought that his recovery was a bit off. I just didn't buy his changes because it felt like he had not enough time and no reason to change. I'm sorry it's just not easy for me to explain this.

Anyway, I loved his POV and as hard as his life had been, I loved to read about the dark and ugly. They were well written and I would have loved even more of them. But like I said, the change felt too weird for me. I can't get into much detail because I don't want to give anything away.

I liked Adam's character and although I was shocked about something from Sophia (I liked her at first but now I don't) , I'm really looking forward to read the next book.

-- I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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