Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: Attraction (Elements of Chemistry #1) by Penny Reid

Yeah, I'm late to the party but better late than never, right?!

So, this was my first book by this author and OMG I could slap myself for not reading this book sooner since I had it on my kindle forever. Now I really need to get my hands on the second book because that cliffhanger there, it totally killed me. It ended like at the best part - where the story gets juicy.

Anyway, this was a short read which was the reason why I've read it because I don't like to DNF a book and a short book is a good way to get to know the story and the author without having to invest a lot of time. Although I will invest lots of time in her works now because I loved this book.

The Story:
Kaitlyn couldn't believe how evil some people were and when she overhears two students discussing a plot against her lab partner, she knows she has to warn him. But this might be easier said than done given his gorgeous eyes penetrating her and his muscular body pressing against her. Even Kaitlyn isn't immune to Martin's hot body, charm and intelligence; although she heard lots about his bullying and knows that he, being a jerk face, makes girls cry on end.

But his persistent lands her on a private beach for one week at spring break with the one and only Martin Sandeke. How in the world will she survive this? The chemistry between them is not to ignore but will she be comfortable in this billionaire universe? And most importantly, can she trust that Martin really likes her?

Even though with this plot, the book could have gone so wrong, it certainly didn't and left me positively surprised. Good-looking, handsome, short-tempered playboy billionaire and most popular student meets nerdy, strange, invisible, nice next-door-girl. Yeah, this probably makes a few people cringe but believe me, this was such a quirky and fun read it might even surprise you.

The writing was refreshing and the characters – as ordinary as they may seem from the plot – were quite unique.

This was an unexpected but really entertaining read. I loved it despite the jerk face of a guy; but I have to say that he really got some bonus points for being kinder than I thought a jerk face would be.

They were both so cute. Kaitlyn was obviously inexperienced with boys and even though Martin had lots of girls enter his bedroom before, this was new for him too because she's so different to the other girls he's met so far and they just were so unsure of everything and nervous. It was so sweet.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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