Monday, March 5, 2018

Book Review: Twisted Little Games by Dee Palmer

OMG! These revelations! I was blown by the craziness that kept coming my way from the characters. Some were a lot crazier than I gave them credit for in the first book and I can only say what a psycho! I did not see that coming!

A lot of my questions were answered early on in the story which was mostly from the men's POVs and which also gave a lot more insight into their thoughts and about what's been going on with all the secrets.
'”I'm going to make you remember.”'
I was so excited to read this book due to how the first one ended but I couldn't help to be a little bit let down on why Atticus did certain things because I didn't see any reasons. It's not the lack of explanations and it's not even a huge deal because I still loved the book but I just think why go to whatever length to do something when it had no meaning or effect in the end?! Let me tell you, I was pretty pissed at him.

The Story:
Tia is torn between two men and all the mess that comes with it. But that’s by far not all of it. The secrets, the lies, the games being played will eventually blow up and cause irrevocable damage to all of them for sure. Because once you’re caught up in this game, there’s only one way out – with battle scars.
'”It's funny how keeping me safe seems to result in breaking my fucking heart.”'
The book was well written like the first though it couldn’t always hold the tension because some scenes and thoughts were drawn out a bit too long and lost the needed speed for a constant thrill. I wouldn't say that it was dragging but with just a little pep and a few less details it could have been even better and more gripping.

Also, I would have liked a bit less of the ping pong that's been going on and more of how they got out of the mess, especially Atticus, because it was there at one point and vanished seemingly without much of any effort. Why was it such a huge problem that's been going for so long when everything was handled so easily at the end anyway? Why wait that long then?

Can one person love two people at the same time?! Everyone has to answer this question for themselves, but in my case I like books that have a HAE for all of the main characters which is almost impossible with love triangles. So, I was not happy with how Tia jumped from one bed into another without second thought and loved both men as if they were the one and only while there was another one. She was selfish in lots of ways and I wasn't much of a fan of her in this book. The ending took me by surprise though.
'”There's no point mourning the loss of something that was never mine, not when my life depends upon winning back the only person who was ever truly mine.”'
I'm sure that this book will start a lot of discussions especially about the ending. Don't worry, I won't spoil you the story but I just want to point out that there will be people who'll love it and people that won't. So, just try to be open-minded and find out for yourself what everyone will be talking about. =P

I was torn about a few things myself especially about stuff I really did not see coming. All in all, I still loved it and this book was a really close call between 4 and 5 stars. Love triangles will never please everybody and I was anxious about how this one was going to turn out but the author showed me that I can count on her for doing her best and I was very satisfied with how this duet ended. It was very hot, to say the least. =P

-- I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book given by Give Me Books Promotions. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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