Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Review: The Affair (The Evolution Of Sin Book 1) by Giana Darling

I admit that I prejudged this book. Never judge a book by its cover fits perfectly to this instalment because this cover really did not appeal to me. Even the blurb wasn’t something that got me interested in the story enough for me to want to read it, partly because I don’t like to read about affairs in general.

But after I read about book #2 I was intrigued. I wanted to read it and in order to do so I had to read the first one first. Let me tell you I am surprised at how much I actually like this book.

This is totally worth reading even when you normally aren’t into stuff like that because trust me this story is not an ordinary affair.

The Story:
Elle finds herself in the lucky position of going to Mexico for a week since her best friend booked already but couldn’t go herself because of work. Elle isn’t good with flying but finds herself in good company to be distracted.
Elle never thought of herself as beautiful. She has two sisters which are tall and slim and she always stood out as the duckling instead of the swan.
When this handsome good-looking guy lays his eyes on her he doesn’t let her get away easily. He tries to pursue her and Elle is taken by his tenacity. Sinclair has some rules though. No talk about private stuff, just sex, a holiday affair. Elle is not as experienced as one may believe and even though she feels pulled in his direction, she is not sure if she should have an affair with this man, especially after learning about his long-time girlfriend at home. Could she be the woman to interfere in a relationship?

I thought this guy would be a typical cheater without any conscience, someone who’s after every woman. But it appears to be the first time for Sinclair because he just has to have Elle. She is like a magnet for him. Sinclair seems like this cool tough guy but he has a really soft shell inside his heart and when I noticed this, I really liked him a lot. I think those characters fit so perfectly to each other, it’s a shame that he is already taken. But this is exactly what makes this story interesting, the forbidden thing and the secrets.

I enjoyed how Elle gets to know Sinclair without ever really knowing anything about him. She meets some of his business associates and I found it strange at first that they all knew that Sinclair has a girlfriend waiting at home and seeing him cheating on her. But I still liked all of them. Even Margot, because I can imagine me being a bit like her – no, not really. But if I knew someone around me cheated on their partner, I wouldn’t be ok with it either. I knew it wouldn’t be my business but I think it’s just not fair to the other person.

-- I received an ARC of this book from the author through the Fifty Shades Support Group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. -- 
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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