Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Review: Close to Falling by Paige P. Horne

I like that this book shows so truly the ugly side of life and that nothing is as easy as we would like it to be. We constantly have to fight and we should enjoy the good things in life and try to focus on those in hard times to help us get through them.

I liked this book a lot when I started reading. It was intense though it was a bit slow for me. I couldn't really get into the story at first and couldn’t figure out where it was going.

We get thrown into Maddie B’s world where she is constantly seeking the feeling of being numb in order to stop her pain. She wants to forget and doesn’t want to feel anything. We get to know her story about her drug addiction and learn about her feelings for this special bad boy Raven.

I began loving it at 50% when we get to know Raven’s POV in between Maddie’s and I soaked it up like a drug. I loved him a lot more since I got a glimpse into his world. He was a bad boy as a kid and also had some tough times to go through, though he turned out a really good guy. I love that he knew B so well and cared so much about her.

It's a tough story to read about Maddie’s struggles in life. She is a drug addict and struggles to stay off of pills though life isn't always easy and when it gets tough it becomes harder to stay clean. River is another addiction of Maddie she can’t get enough of.

This book kept me on edge because I hoped so bad that Maddie’s story turns out good. There are a few ups and downs and my emotions were thrown around. The epilogue was well chosen to end this story and I absolutely loved it.

The Story:
Maddie's parents got killed when she was still a kid. After a few foster homes, Maddie finally comes to live with Frankie and the kids Landon and Raven. Maddie gets a second chance with this family though she struggles through life.
After a while Maddie and Raven get closer and they fall hard and fast for each other though when Maddie’s best friend Cali offers Maddie a pill, Maddie takes it without questioning. While Cali uses here and there, Maddie gets addicted and can't stop at one drug at a time. When life gets tough for Maddie and Raven she lets herself fall deeper into it.
The pills help her deal with the pain. They numb her. Will she ever get off of them? How could she handle the pain without them? Does she even want to stop using at all?

I like that this book is so much different than the others I read from this author. I loved them and I knew that this was also going to get to me and will have a special place in my heart.

I liked the characters even though I couldn't really relate to them. I knew people which took drugs but not like Maddie. I can only imagine how hard it must be to get off of drugs and stay away from them.
I enjoyed the story a lot especially because it could have been a real life story. It wasn't like unimaginable stuff happened and it wasn't about pink and glitter. It's about the hard stuff in life and how you handle what's thrown in your way. And it shows so perfectly that you are stronger with friends and family surrounding and supporting you.

I'm a person like Maddie when it comes to the hard stuff though. I want to run away and be alone. I prefer to swallow the pain and tough stuff without talking about it with anyone. I rather keep to myself and suffer alone. It may be the wrong way, but it's my way. So maybe I do relate to some parts of Maddie’s character in this book.

-- I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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