Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book Review: Last First Kiss by Sidney Halston

I was so excited for this book!! Although I wasn’t sure at first how much I would like that the roles were reversed and that a woman was the bodyguard for a man. I don’t want to sound like a sexist because I do like to read about strong heroines but, call me old-fashioned, I'm still a woman that swoons over the strong guys protecting their women. And Rocco Monroe wasn't happy about needing a bodyguard either.
Anyway, I think the author did a fantastic job with this book, which I enjoyed a lot. Especially that she addressed the topic about how hard it was for women to prove themselves in a man’s world.

The Story:
Annabelle Clad loves to work on computers but it’s time to finally get a job out on the field. Convincing her brother that she sure is capable of protecting the next client is harder than she’d like. It has always been harder for her as a woman to prove herself in this man’s world but she’s stubborn and determined to show them that she’s not just a girl but a strong woman who can handle any tough situation. Though working for Rocco Monroe will have its own complications which she doesn’t expect as she knew not to mix work with pleasure no matter how hot or famous he was.

'She could pretend all she wanted, but there was an attraction, a spark, that couldn't be denied.'

Joey was Annie’s overprotective brother but I get where he came from considering her history. Although I felt bad that Annie constantly had to prove herself, I understood why Joey was worried about her.

I liked the background story of Annie and also of Rocco although it felt very distant for what surely were very emotional and sensitive pasts.

Rocco wasn’t easy to characterize because he was a famous actor and as usual the tabloids never told stories as they really occurred. So, he was judged on stuff that was exaggerated or never even happened. He was nicer than I expected and not at all snobbish. I wasn’t so sure how I liked that he was instantly fixated on Annie but I get that she was hot and he was drawn to her.

Even though there was instant chemistry between the two main characters, it took some time for them to explore it, which I liked a lot because nothing ruins a story more than for the people to get it done and over with in the first chapter already.
But while it wasn’t instant-love they still got attached to each other too sudden for my liking. I just didn’t feel it coming, partly because I never got emotionally close to the characters and their story which was a pity because I liked them but I just never felt their feelings grow for each other and it was hard to comprehend what was going on inside them.

Anyway, it still wasn’t at all easy for them emotionally because their line of work just wasn’t that compatible and as hard it was for her to open up and relax, it was equally hard for him to see her stand between him and any danger coming his way.

“Crazy, it seems to me that you don't need your gun to make anyone move. When you narrow those hazel eyes and get in your ninja headspace you can will people to move.”

What I loved most were the sort-of articles at the beginning of every chapter. It gave a better understanding on what happened outside of the characters bubble without interrupting their story with throwing information into the pages at random. It was just so fitting and I loved how it was done.

The ending felt a bit too abrupt but all in all I absolutely enjoyed this read! It was mostly an easy and quick read (probably because I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I often was) but also had some heavier topics regarding Annie’s story. The characters were all loveable and the heightened suspense farther into the story didn’t let me put the book down. An absolutely recommended read!

-- I received an ARC of this book by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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