Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Book Review: Winning Ace #1: A Winning Ace Novel by Tracie Delaney

That's exactly how I like my romances! Great plot, awesome writing that captures the reader's attention without any overdramatic stuff for effects. There was some kind of drama or rather ups and downs but they were more or less the normal kind – as normal as it can get with a tennis star. Anyway, expect to be glued to the pages because this won't let you off the hook so easily.

Cash and Tally were refreshing characters because they were everyday kind of people - as far as this was possible with him being a famous tennis player - but still, I loved it because he could afford a lot but worked hard and it was more believable and realistic than lots of those billionaire stories I've read. Or maybe it was just the writing that was so good, that it felt different and so much better. I wouldn't have thought that such a 'simple' story could be so hooking and addictive. I seriously can't wait for the next book.

The Story:
He's mesmerized by her and he doesn't know why because she isn't even his type. He likes his women athletic and blonde but she is curvy and has a too big waist and breasts. But she's a challenge he can't find himself to pass up on.

She got the chance from her uncle to write an article about tennis star Cash Gallagher but with the press lanyard around her neck, there's no chance he'll open up to her as he can't stand journalists, always seeking their next headlines. So, she does what she shouldn't do in taking the lanyard off her neck and is in for a nice surprise when Cash takes notice of her.

Let the games begin.

“Okay, sweetness, let's play. But I warn you: I play hard. And I play to win.”

Not only the new situation and foreign feelings because of her being a journalist and the fear she that she could write anything she finds out about him hangs like a shadow over their head, but there's also his agent Kinga, which screams for trouble.

Chase was the kind of guy chasing skirts although he didn't really have to chase them as they already threw themselves at him in great numbers. He never saw himself settling down because he wasn't the romantic and feely type. So, imagine his shock and surprise when a woman entered his very controlled and structured life and had him all kinds of confused and thinking about her in a way that's so new and scary to him as he has never thought of any other woman this way before. She was constantly on his mind and concentrating got harder and harder for him especially when she wasn't around. He did anything to get her because he believed that he could screw her out of his system to get a clear head for his next game. Though he got another think coming.

Tally was a hard-working woman who strived for a career in journalism but when unforeseeable things happened which confused her about the goals she had, her perspective on all that she thought she wanted to achieve got messed up.

I liked that Cash wasn't untouchable and that he was human enough to have problems and secrets he wasn't open to share.
It frustrated him the hell out how complicated and not at all pliable she was since he was so used to always be in control. I liked that he didn't always force his will on her despite how hard it was for him and it was great to see that there were problems to solve and that Tally didn't drop everything for him in an instant.
They sure had their problems and mostly because of his fame and his closed-offness regarding his family and stuff but it was perfectly written and made me eager to find out more.

Palpable sexual tension, confused feelings, secrets and jealousy ridden problems as well as lots of sweet moments dominate this story. It's never boring so pick up this great read and enjoy.

-- I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4.5 - 5 of 5 stars

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