Monday, August 28, 2017

Release Boost: Starting Over: Rick by Barbara James

Starting Over: Rick
by Barbara James
Genre: Contemporary Romance / YA / Military
 Release Date: August 4th, 2017


It is orientation week at Wilder University.
Annelise Perigault has just started college and is away from home. Living on her own for the first time, she struggles to navigate the social landscape. All sorts of groups seek to draw her attention, but she is drawn to the conservative-leaning student groups for a sense of belonging. That is where she believes she will find like-minded young women, those who hope to graduate in four years with their "Mrs. Degree." 

Rick Santelli has just started college as well. He is a returning student, however, after spending nearly a decade in the Coast Guard. Now serving in the Reserves, he is older than most of his freshman peers. Struggling to find his place as well, he is definitely interested in dating, but he can't believe how quickly things are developing with Annelise. 

Meeting up during orientation, they will grapple with controversies that draw them closer together and create a strong foundation for a healthy long term relationship. Taking place over six years, the story shows the ups and downs of life, love, dating, and the importance of finding the right person.
Though this is a sweet and closed door romance, there are frank discussions of sexuality.

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About the author:

Writer of sweet and sensuous, closed door romances.

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