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Release Blitz & Book Review: Trashy Foreplay by Gemma James

Trashy Foreplay
by Gemma James
Series: Trashy Affair #1
Release Date: August 3rd, 2017


Never flirt with temptation.
Never lust after what I can’t have.
And never, under any circumstances, screw a married man again.
By the time this story is told, I’ll have failed at all three…

With my heart and reputation in ruins, I can’t afford to make another mistake. Boarding a flight to Seattle is supposed to give me a clean slate, but from the moment Cash Montgomery slides into the seat next to mine, I’m captivated by his steel eyes that see too much. I ache for this stranger in a way I’ve never ached for anyone.

But I didn’t know he was married, and I sure as hell didn’t see the curveball fate had in store. My clean slate in Seattle isn’t so clean after all because my new boss is the man forbidden to me.
And the only man I want.
The only man I’ll do anything for, even if it means breaking the promise I made to myself when I fled my old life in shame.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for a married man, but I did.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Though the subject matter deals with cheating, there are no innocent parties here.
Book 1 in the Trashy Affair series.

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I go perfectly still as his arm snakes around me from behind. A warm palm flattens against my stomach, and the tips of his fingers inch beneath the waistband of my jeans. Everything south of that tempting hand flares to life, setting off a deep ache I know only he can fix.
Pulling me against his body, he leans down and whispers into my ear. “Watching him touch you is killing me.”
“Knowing you’re married is killing me.”
He curses under his breath. A hint of his woodsy cologne, along with the sweet aroma of bourbon fills my nostrils.
“Have you been drinking?”
“Maybe a little.” He whirls me around until we’re face-to-face, and my heart flutters in my throat as he tightens his arms around me. “Come upstairs with me.”
His proximity riots through me, the heat of his body sizzling all the way to my fucking toes. We fall into a lazy sway, dancing but not quite, and for a crazy second, I consider following him to the VIP area in the loft. As far as I can tell it’s empty unless a stray couple is hiding in the shadows in the very back. I doubt it though. The club is vibrating with restless energy as everyone crowds the first floor in anticipation of the concert.
“Look at me, Jules.”
His words jolt me to awareness, and I realize I’m staring at his chest. I curl my hands into fists at my sides, too tempted to run my palms down that broad expanse hiding underneath cotton. I bet it’s the softest material on the planet, but I won’t find out because I’m not going there.
Not. Gonna. Do. It.
Because I have zero control right now, and we’re standing in the middle of a busy club with God-knows-who watching. And if I do touch him…I might not stop.
“Jules,” he murmurs. “Bring those gorgeous eyes up here.”
I lift my chin and dive headfirst into the fire of his gaze. His eyes are a smoldering, liquid steel. “Cash…please…”
“Please what?”
“Don’t make me want to give in. You’re married.” My voice cracks on that ugly word.
“My marriage is a sham.”
“Your marriage is your business.” I grip his arms, intending to push him away. But somewhere along the way, my brain gets its wires crossed, and I end up curling my fingers around his biceps. God, he’s built—solid man through and through.
“I disagree,” he says, dipping his head until our mouths linger a hairsbreadth from each other. “Everything about me is very much your business.”
“Because I can’t feel this way about you without it being your business.”

About the author:

Gemma James is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of a blend of genres, from new adult suspense to dark erotic romance. She loves to explore the darker side of human nature in her fiction, and she’s morbidly curious about anything dark and edgy, from deviant sex to serial killers. Readers have described her stories as being “not for the faint of heart.”

She warns you to heed their words! Her playground isn’t full of rainbows and kittens, though she likes both. She lives in Oregon with her husband and their four children–three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone’s attention.

My review:

I've heard so much about this author and I finally got around to read my first book from her. While I was really excited I was also a bit sad that this was like a mainstream story. It was so similar to many books I've read in the past few years. I know it isn't the author's or book's fault because it was still a good read and I was captivated enough to have finished the book. I guess it's just a question of personal taste.

While the book kind of ended in a cliffhanger I'm not sure yet if I'll continue this series. Although I'm a very curious person and I itch to know how the story of Jules will end.
"Do you believe in fate?"
The Story:
Jules was heartbroken and couldn't believe that her life took a turn for the worst. On top of everything, with her now ex-boyfriend and ex-boss, are her sister and mother, always complaining and never satisfied whatever she does to please them. She feels suffocated and decides in her current state it's best to leave it all behind.

On the flight to her best friend in Seattle, she takes comfort in the sexy stranger next to her who's trying to calm down her nerves during the turbulences because the weather outside in the storm is like a mirror of her own feelings. But she's not sure if she's more devastated about what happened at home or if her feelings are confused due to the strong grip she has on the sexy stranger's hand.
'A warm hand slides over mine, and my gaze crashes into his.'
She's certain that she won't be seeing this man again after their flight together so she sets out to get back on the right track and get the control of her life back. The last thing she wants to do is to return home and confirm her mum's believes that she's the family's failure.

"I think the cosmos are already ten shades of unbalanced."
I didn't like the fifty shades vibe going on at some point but there was also a thing or two which were a bit ridiculous and which I just couldn't believe. Jules annoyed me especially when she was totally overreacting when she didn't have any right to do so.

I felt like the three hour flight was way to short for them to have gotten so close. I'd have believed it more if they had like a ten hour flight. What I want to say is that it happened too fast while they were emotionally not ready for anything else. He was supposed to be furious with his wife and Jules was devastated over the breakup. No wonder I wasn't emotionally invested in this book.
'My face amps hotter by the second. I've never experienced such a strong gravitational pull toward a stranger, and after everything that's gone down today, the fact that it's happening now unsettles me.'
I'm generally annoyed when people claim to love somebody but are married to someone else and don't get divorced. No matter how complicated it is. Either you get divorced and be with the one you love or you don't and then just stay the hell away from the temptation. Because it just isn't fair to either woman when you don't. (I've read and liked some cheating stories before so it's not the plot I didn't like but how the characters acted.)
'There is so much about this woman I want to know. What she does for a living. What she does for fun. What kind of music she listens to. The sounds she makes when she comes.'
I always had an uneasy feeling about a certain character. But if my feelings were right or wrong will probably reveal in the next book/s. This one was just the beginning and left lots of questions unanswered. I often experienced difficulties with first books and liked the following ones in a series better because that's mostly where the similarities to other stories start to differ.
'They say history has a tendency of repeating itself. I'm afraid that's going to end up being the case with him.'
Anyway, like I mentioned above, this is a question of personal taste so don't let yourself be talked out of reading this book just because I wasn't in love with it. It was really no bad read. It just wasn't my favorite. So don't let my rating or review put you off.

-- I received an ARC of this book from L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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