Saturday, October 8, 2016

Book Review: My Cherie Amour by Gwen Piercy

This was an enjoyable read and a lovely story though there were a few things which I will mention below that did hold me back from rating it higher.

The Story:
Selena’s biggest dream is to work as a cook in a top star restaurant. She’s a hard working woman who tries to maintain her father’s barbecue joint Peaches Smokehouse that doesn’t run as well as Selena would have liked.
When good looking and well-mannered billionaire Dean Morgan comes into her soul food restaurant, two different worlds collide. Even though it’s not the perfect time for both of them to meet, they can’t deny the feelings of connection toward each other.
Selena is wondering what Deans motivations are behind his attention because he could have any woman but he wants her. Dean on the other hand is wondering if Selena is as beautiful in her heart as she is in appearance because so far all the women he had met were either crazy or gold-diggers, though Selena doesn’t seem to be like those women at all. The two of them have not only a few bumps in the road to deal with but they also have to ride out a heavy storm that comes their way. Will Selena finally find her happiness or lose hope of her dreams ever coming true altogether?

I honestly couldn’t decide how to rate this book. There were some parts in this book that I didn’t understand why they were even mentioned. The first chapter and the news that the Morgan’s were planning on tearing down a building which the people who lived there wanted to save was irrelevant information and had in my opinion no further meaning in the story. Some things just didn’t make sense of being in the book at all and they made it harder to connect with the story and its characters.

On the other hand, I wish there was more of the connection between Selena and Dean because their feelings grew rather fast and I wondered when that happened?! I hoped for some steamy scenes that sadly did not take place (It didn’t necessary had to be sex, but even some hot kisses or something like that would have been nice). I missed some important and specially moments between the characters because I feel like they didn’t really fall in love but liked each other’s company and therefore spent little time together and that’s it. This was not enough for a hopeless romantic like me.

The storyline was good and it had a lot of potential but like I said there was not enough depth in their relationship and love for each other. Maybe I got it all wrong and this was exactly what the author was going for because I felt like the story was mainly about Selena and her struggle with sustaining the restaurant and fulfilling her goals in life. Those parts about Selena worked out great in the story. The character and its story were believable and that’s something I really appreciate in a story though closer to the end I didn’t understand why Selena was so mad as if they were a long-time couple because I didn’t feel like they were anything close to something like that.
To be fair I want to mention Dean’s character as well but all I can say about him is: he’s too good to be true =P

It took some time to get into the story at first but once it pulled me in I really enjoyed it and got hooked.
There’s something else I wanted to mention here because I felt like at some parts (especially in the beginning but also sometimes in between the story) that the author tried too hard. I notice that also when I write something that at some parts when I struggle with the writing I think too hard and complicate it too much. There were a few parts where I had this feeling in the book but other than that I thought the story had a good flow and went ‘easily’ off the authors hands. (And by easily I don’t mean that it’s easy to write a good story but that sometimes you get this invisible push and the words are flowing from your fingers =))

-- I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. -- 
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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