Monday, October 3, 2016

Book Review: Sidelined by A.M. Hargrove & Terrie E. Laine

What an enjoyable read! I loved it though I have to say that I wasn't really happy with some of the turnouts in the end. I understand that this is a short story and limited in space but when characters hold on to their opinions and reasons for years and suddenly change them, I just don't know. I really wasn't too happy about it but I still devoured this book. It was fun and entertaining and I loved the characters.

The Story:
Never would have Fletcher believed that his life would take such a big turn because of a few seconds. A few seconds that changes his whole life. When he gets hit by a car in his home town while taking care of his parent’s dogs and house, he finds himself in the very capable hands of psychotherapist Cassie Miller. There was a time where he worshipped her until she broke up with him, or at least that's his side of the story. Cassie on the other hand believes that he chose football over her. Now he is back in her life even though it’s just for her to work with him but the sexual tension is almost palpable.

There is so much packed into this book. It's lovely, thrilling, hot and so much fun. I devoured it. A perfect short read that has it all. I may be biased because I love the writing and A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine are two of my favorite authors but this was really enjoyable.
Fletcher was such a sweet guy. I really adored him.
I don’t want to give the story away so I can’t exactly tell you what bothered me about Cassie but why she made her decisions as such for her life, I really don't know.

This story has some action coming for you with a lot of steamy tension in-between and two sweethearts which lives got separated but found their way back together through an accident. 

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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