Sunday, July 22, 2018

Book Review: Shameless by Michelle Horst

What a great read! I especially loved Evie’s development and how strong her character was.

I knew a little about this story already from the previous book but it did not prepare me for the way it’s seen from Evie’s POV. I admired her strength in all those horrible situations she’s been in and that she came out stronger in the end.
'Everyone deserves a chance at a good life, and there's nothing I want more than to be that chance for her.'
The story had a good flow and I feel like the author improved with each book in this series on how she told her stories.

I normally dread the part where h and H are separated but here I loved it as much as when they were together because other awesome characters filled the void. One of them we’ve already met – Miss Sebastian. Her character was phenomenal and absolutely hilarious. She always made me laugh and I hope we will see her again in the future. I also loved having the entire group together again especially since it’s the end of the series and it was like a nice goodbye.
'How's it possible that you can wake up in the morning with your heart still safely in your chest, but come night, it belongs to someone else?'

The Story:
Evie had a tough start in life and living on the streets is harder than she imagined it would be, but it's still a lot better than staying with her foster parents. Although it's not an ideal job, Evie is glad to have work at all, even when it meant cleaning other people's houses in nothing but a slip and heels.
When Rhett's eyes land on her, he can’t believe that a young girl like her does such a job. His protectiveness takes over and he wants to help her no matter how stubborn she is to make it on her own. Because he was given such a chance from Mr. Heyes, without whom he wouldn't know where he'd be, and now he wants to pay it forward because everyone deserves a chance.
'I might be a twisted fucker, but I'll never be able to turn a blind eye to a woman or kid who needs help. Dad taught me that men are stronger for a reason, and it's to protect women and children.'
Generally, I loved the book and couldn’t stop reading. There were just tiny things I’d have liked differently but that’s just my personal opinion. For example the thing with Kyle felt a bit half-assed thrown in where it was needed. I would have liked there to be more trouble or generally for him to be more a part of the story or otherwise to not have him at all. And when Rhett came back to her, everything went down a bit too fast. Sure, they talked, but after so many years since they’d seen each other, I felt like there needed to be some more time for them to finally be together.
Regarding the epilogue, I loved it but where was Evie?! It was partly her story so I would have liked to see her there as well. How did it end with her?! What happened with her job? I mean, I know what happened with her last one but what happened next? I missed some more elaborations there.
'I'm nothing but a charity case.'
It’s with a laughing and a crying eye that I say goodbye to this series and its characters because as sad as it is to see them go, I can’t wait for the next series. I hope it’s about the guys that had a short part in this book. =P
'Usually, I have self-control made of steel, but when it comes to Evie, it turns to Jell-O.'
-- I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. --

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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