Friday, August 10, 2018

Book Review: Flip Trick by Amo Jones

I wasn’t sure what to make or think of this book. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to read it but then I thought, hey, it’s Amo Jones. So, clearly I had to read it because who wants to miss out on her book?! Not me for sure. Lucky me, I won this book in her FB group too =)
'They're the devil's work, and I don't sin. Much. Today. Well, since last night. Hail Mary full of grace...'
So, in the end, this one was a tough nut to crack. Amo's books are always a surprise as I never know what to expect. They are unique with crazy ass characters which I love but want to strangle at the same time. She creates a crazy that's fucking addictive. This one wasn’t like her other books though, but special in a way nonetheless.
'Who needs normal, anyway. Normal never makes history.'
This book had me up and down the pipe. Haha! It started out really good although I had to get accustomed to a different setting as I was used to so far from the author’s recent books.
Amethyst, the main character was a real gem. She didn't give a flying fuck about anyone and lived in her own private little world and was oblivious to the people looking at her in envy or lust. Her bubble was burst by Maddox who she soon found out was her stepbrother. This was never a real issue in this story though but there was still one drama and mess following the other. At times I wasn't sure if they really were in college or still in high school with all the drama going on.
'She's effortlessly herself, a 'fuck what you think' in a small five-foot two little body with pink hair.'
I was torn between liking the story and getting annoyed at the repeats of Amethyst’s thoughts and her and Maddox break-ups and constant fights. It felt like turning in a circle and the time jumps in the story just added to all the drama because there was one after the other and no room to take a calming breath. The constant back and forth was just tiring. They had a love-hate-relationship going or maybe it was just fate that didn't want them together.
'People have always said how if you put Maddox and I into the same room together, the universe feels as though it stops. We had that undeniable pull toward each other. When we were together, it was our world, everyone else merely existed in it.'
I generally liked the story but I thought at first that there wasn't much to it and got a bit bored throughout. Later on though there was one thing happening after the other and I felt that some things were just too convenient and too strange a coincidence to feel natural to me.
'She's cute as shit when she's blushing, but deadly when she's trying not to blush. She's a rebel without a cause, and her soul is fucking reckless, but I want it. I want all of it and her.'
I liked Maddox and also his brothers but I didn't always like their actions and reactions in certain situations. When something happened that they didn't like, they always punished their loved ones to the maximum. But when it was the other way around, they just got mad that the other person didn't understand their reasons. I like strong men but they were a bit too self-centered and worried and cared too much about their own stuff.
'Maddox, the possessive overprotector. The guy who'd stand over anything that belonged to him with his teeth bared.'
At times I got so angry and mad at the characters but that's something I'm already used to because the author has the ability to create characters that bring out the worst in me. =P *devilish grin*

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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