Thursday, August 2, 2018

Book Review: Kiss Kiss Bang by Sidney Halston

Stories like this one, where the hero saves and protects his woman, are exactly my kind of thing. Call me old-school but it is what it is. Independent and strong woman are awesome but who doesn't like a capable guy in your corner, strong enough to take over from time to time?! Someone to lean on?! Even if it's only to save you from an invading spider. =P Anyhow, there are so many books out there with stories like that and it gets harder to find something that's somewhat new and exciting. Something that has your heart beating faster and wanting more of.
I fell in love with the characters from Iron Clad Security from the first book on and am sad to see them go. Joey was a sweetie and I loved him but I was a bit disappointed with his story. It was an up and down for me of loving the story and liking it to getting through with it. I did enjoy it but at rare times it fell a bit flat and the suspense lacked more often.

I liked the first encounter of the characters but once Joey had set his eyes on Olivia Monroe, he never wanted to leave her side again. Olivia was a widow and single mother and I have no idea how she managed to juggle everything being in politics. I only wished there was a lot more going on. I mean, yeah she was threatened and it was all about keeping her save but there was not enough build-up of emotions from the characters and her job seemed almost easy enough with working on the computer the whole day. I know there's more to it and that's why I was missing more depth.

Although Joey was a geek, he was still a trained ex-military and lethal guy. He was also a cocky bastard and very sure of himself but really protective of his loved ones and thorough in everything he did. As much as I liked him, I couldn’t warm up to Olivia's character because she was not very enthusiastic and rather dull.

The ending felt very rushed and abrupt. I would have liked to know more about the culprit and the consequences as well as some insight in the characters future but sadly there was nothing =( Though it was a great read nonetheless.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

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